The Davis Registry
The Davis Registry serves as a worldwide clearinghouse for information regarding the history, technical background, upkeep, restoration, preservation, current events, prices and any other aspect of the aluminum-bodied three-wheeled Davis automobile built by the Davis Motorcar Company of 4055 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys, California, from 1947 to 1949. The Registry is not a club, nor is it a membership organization of any kind. The Registry was created by Tom Wilson of Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1993. The Davis Registry Bulletin is published on an “as needed” basis by Bruce Feuerstein, Belding, Michigan, while the Registry website is designed and managed by David Suarez, Brooklyn, NY. The Registry and the Bulletin attempt to perpetuate an informal atmosphere for the interchange of information among a geographically widespread group of Davis enthusiasts. The Registry has acquired a large archive of documents, photos, ephemera, technical information and more, housed at the Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, Tennessee. Funding is provided by the sale of promotional and historical items under the “DAVIS STUFF YOU CAN BUY” (DSYCB) banner which includes subscriptions, T-shirts, company literature, videos, back copies of the Tripod, the Three Wheeler, the Davis Registry and Davis Bulletin, as well as single-copy sales. Donations to offset losses are eagerly solicited. Checks should be made out to:
The Bulletin is sent to:
*owners who send in a Registration form, pictures, update or letter
*paid subscriptions
*courtesy copies of Registry publications will be sent out as the Registry sees fit.
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Prepaid subscription, regardless of content, is $8.00 postpaid, for four issues. Single copy prices: $2.00 standard issue; $4.00 special and/or color issues.

Davis Registry Archives
Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, Tennessee
Jeff and Susan Lane,
Director & Editor
Bruce Feuerstein
Director Emeritus
Tom Wilson, warrenwilson13@gmail

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